Our Olives!
Sold in stores and Farmers Markets.

No chemicals used in curing!

• Pitted Sicilian •
with garlic and herbs

• Pitted Agrinion •
with sundried tomatoes garlic
and herbs

Armstong Olives

• Pitted Kalamata •
with garlic and herbs

• Stuffed Sicilian Olives •
garlic with jalapeno

• Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives •
Giardenera Mix

About Us

Ciara West is a family owned business, which makes unique olives that you will find nowhere else. We started as a specialty foods distributor Book showing photos of store and foodan branched out and started making our own unique marinades for olives. Our olives' first trip out to the public was through the farmers markets. Everyone wanted to know where our store was located, so naturally the next step was to open our store front. In March of 2002 we opened our store in Westchester. At Olive It, we make sandwiches, salads, and of course our olives. We also do catering and continue to distribute our olives to various stores and five star hotels. Come by our store our family is there to help you with lunch a smile or find us at the Torrance or Pasadena outdoor farmers’ markets.

Olive it - 6231 W. 87 th Street Los Angeles, CA 90045 Google Maps yelp_link
Monday to Friday 11:30am - 5:00pm | Saturday 11:30am - 4:00pmtelephone 310 . 242 . 2092fax 310 . 242 . 2093